Someone once said that the studio is a very predictable place, where the photographer has complete control over the shooting, lighting, and subject.  If that were the case, then we would be missing the biggest source of fun and inspiration – the individual.  It is the personality within and the spontaneity of expression which is the real soul behind a photograph.  It is what can transform a snapshot into a memory and work of art.  To capture these ever changing moments requires a certain acceptance of the unknown, a willingness to be a partner with the client, and a large degree of trust between the two.  In every session with my clients I aim to develop that trust and bring out the best in them and capture that moment forever.

Taking photographs on location presents a wonderful chance to capture events as they unfold, with every scene unique.  Often times, the client chooses a destination that has some meaning to them.  This emotion then shows up in the image and becomes such a succinct memory.

I am at my core, a photographer of people.  Interacting with individuals during the course of a photography session is an unique and uplifting experience.   However, this does not prevent my occasional forays into the other aspects of photography:  the graphic arts, or using a camera to play with the shapes and designs found in nature, or in our urban landscapes.  I have over twenty years experience with Photoshop and I embrace the union of photography and graphics arts.  It’s fun to simply play every now and again.

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