Baby Zachary !

It is such a wonderful thing when you get to participate in watching a child grow up.  I have had the fortunate experience of photographing the babies in this family for years!  So cute! Thank you Taylor and baby Zach for coming out to play once again!

Such a Doll!

In January I had the pleasure of photographing this wonderful toddler and her mom and dad. What an amazing family – so fun and gentle.

The first few steps

Holding Hands with Mom and Dad!

Princess holding umbrella


Found my nose! :)

Can you touch your nose? Yes of course I can! 🙂

And finally, just for fun — I put in my camera. She loved hitting the button to make the studio strobes go off. Sometimes it helps to get them involved even as young as 14 months old!

The newest photographer in training

Oh NO! Forgot my Memory Card!

I just really wanted to thank this wonderful family for coming into the studio and making it such a fun shoot!